Customer protection guideline & coverage policy

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1) Gamer Choice ensures coverage for a customer's purchase under the following circumstances:

- When the customer does not receive their order.

- When the item received by the customer does not match the product description.

2) Gamer Choice does not cover the following circumstances:

- Orders have been confirmed and acknowledged as received by the customer.

- Situations involving customer's change of mind.

- Transactions conducted outside of Gamer Choice.

- Any alterations made by the game developer / game publisher after successful delivery.

3) Gamer Choice excludes fraudulent claims from its coverage. We reserve the right to initiate legal measures and impose permanent suspension of a customer's account for submitting fraudulent claims.

4) Customers should only confirm the receipt of their order once they've verified that the received item matches the product description and is in proper working condition. Confirming the receipt of the order indicates satisfaction with the purchase and agreement to release payment to the seller.

5) The customer will be considered to have accepted the purchased product and/or services if no claims, issues, or complaints are raised within 72 hours of delivery. Refunds will not be provided for orders once payment has been released to the seller.

6) All sales contracts are exclusively established between the respective seller and cusutomer. Gamer Choice may offer assistance in the case of a dispute after the sale contract has been finalized, but holds no further responsibility or liability concerning these contracts.

7) If a trading dispute arises, customers are required to respond to our information request within 72 hours, presenting evidence for validation. If the customer does not provide the necessary information within this designated timeframe, we will consider the issue resolved and close the dispute.

8) Gamer Choice does not extend coverage to payment disputes or chargebacks. If such situations occur, any ongoing investigation will be stopped, and requests for refunds or other actions will not be considered.

9) The customer protection guideline does not serve as a product warranty.

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